About us

Mentoring Mentors Inc. is a youth wholeness mentoring program promoting social, emotional, and intellectual development in addition to physical wellness for primarily African-American youth. The fellowship will support my efforts as I continue to build a systemic program that creates positive African-American mentors to provide the critical mentoring essential for the success of our youth.

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  • Having positive role models and support system that encourages the pursuit of excellence and sense of community breaks the negative pattern and provides a more hopeful and encouraging outlook.


Over time, mentees develop the skills required to become mentors, so that they can act as leaders in their own communities.


  • Each mentee is provided with emotional support.
  • Each mentee learns the importance of reinvesting in their community and school.
  • Each mentee improves literacy skills in language, reading, and math. 
  • Each mentee seeks secondary opportunity (higher education, workforce development, military).
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Who We Are

Mentoring Mentors strives to develop a pipeline of African American mentors to serve within the mentoring sector and close the racial and gender gap of African American mentors helping African American Youth in Baltimore City.

Mentoring Mentors’ mission is to inspire confidence in African-American youth about the trajectory of their future, a passion for enhancing their communities, and instilling within them a desire to mentor others.


We focus on  

1.Producing positive African-American role models to promote a community with the support and positive influence needed for African-American youth, their families, and the community.

2. Teaching effective socio-emotional learning and strategies to cope with trauma.

3. Improving literacy skills in language, reading, and math.

4. Developing partnerships higher education, workforce development, military organizations to enhance career readiness and develop a path for future success by learning skills necessary to succeed and advance in the workforce.

Make an Impact on the Mentoring Movement

In real life, who do you turn to? 9 million kids in America are growing up without an answer to this question. Your help can ensure every young person has someone to turn to every time.

Our Mentors

“Mentoring Mentors has given me a great opportunity to help others in my community and make a positive change.”
Malik Forrester
“To me mentoring the girls means giving back. Inspiring the next generation to be great. I signed up to be a mentor to help the girls reach their full potential. I truly believe with the right guidance and right role models these girl will be something amazing”
Ayanna Urena
“I love being a mentor. I can help others with their problems, and also let them know someone cares about their life.”
DeAndre Thomas
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